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Pacific Lumber Follows Kaiser's Path

Maxxam's "Palco" Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

    Click here to see ASJE's Pacific Lumber Bankruptcy webpages.

ASJE part of community reorganization plan, click here for details.

ASJE, the Humboldt Watershed Council, and the Central Labor Council of Humboldt and Del Norte Counties held a hugely successful "Bankruptcy 101" workshop at the River Lodge in Fortuna on March 2nd. Over 150 attended to hear Bay Area bankruptcy attorney Peter Clapp explain the details and process of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Our second Bankruptcy workshop was held on Saturday, June 23rd focusing on filing a claim before the July deadline. Click on the headline above to learn more about the workshop, bankruptcy, and future events.

See our PL Bankruptcy page for more information.

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As the Alliance continues to grow, this vibrant network of citizens will have strength to challenge the economic policies that are destroying our hopes for good jobs and a healthy environment.

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The Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment (ASJE) was created from the recognition that sustainable communities involve both the conservation of the natural world as well as nurturing the quality of human life. With this understanding, in 1998 we formed an extraordinary and historic labor and environmental alliance to challenge the economic policies that are destroying good jobs and a healthy environment.


Building Strategic Alliances

Corporations have long used “jobs versus the environment” rhetoric to pit natural allies against one another. Until recently, this propaganda kept labor and environmental activists battling each other while corporations continued business as usual—outsourcing good jobs and destroying the environment. Recognizing the tremendous stakes involved, environmental organizations, labor unions, and individuals are working together to challenge that myth and support sustainable jobs for the environment.


Our Restoration Economy program is working to build a living-wage Restoration Economy along California’s North Coast region by advocating for the creation of quality jobs to restore the area’s damaged watersheds, streams, and forests.  A Restoration Economy will result in many ecological benefits to local communities, including cleaner water, healthier forests, and restored native fisheries.


Blue-Green Organizing

There is power in numbers. Neither the labor nor the environmental movement is strong enough by itself to challenge the current assaults to workers and the environment. Together, however, we represent a potent force. As we organize labor unions, environmentalists, workers, and progressives to stand in solidarity, our potential for creating positive social change grows as well.  Solidarity works!  Join the Alliance

What is a blue-green alliance?

ASJE is a blue-green alliance with the board and membership divided between rank-and-file laborers (blue-collar) and environmentalists (green).

Hope flows from the possibility of having the capacity to change the world in which you live. ASJE creates new hope for our future through strategic alliance building to challenge the economic policies that are destroying good jobs in a healthy environment.

The Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment is a network of individuals and organizations dedicated to building a world where nature is protected, the worker is respected, and unrestrained corporate power is rejected through grassroots organizing, education, and action.


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